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Seian 04:58
Come down to me. Descend from your dream. Open your heart to me. Close this distance, between us. When the night falls, I surround you, with a veil of my star felt. This version of you, guide it softly, to the edge of your awareness.
Scattered in pieces of diamond debris, this life, this mind, this body. Like a delicate seashell that sings of the sea, crushed into pieces, pieces of me. Every sound, every vision, every memory. Scattered across infinity. The person I am, and the person I'll be. Scattered in pieces of diamond debris. I wonder how this vessel, in bliss and in pain, keeps dancing this unrehearsed dance that is life. I wonder how this body contains every emotion, how it bears every sensation, I wonder... And I feel the gravity of my own soul, as it calls to the universe to once more be whole. Never again will I be alone, when these scattered pieces return home.
I know that I’m just a shape made of light, floating in the physical tonight. My colors glow, my skin reflects the hue. But something’s changing, I feel I’m leaking empty. Talk to me, Emptiness. Touch my core and feed me codes, that treat my dreams in lasting long. I know I’m just a hologram, but now it burns, it hurts so bad, that through the merging datasphere, I fear that I’m becoming real. Talk to me, Emptiness…
Thin air 03:59
Weightless and waiting, in open Space. Knowing change will come, it's already begun. From here, I can understand what I could not before. Too far or near, Now I see it all, now it's all so clear. Everything we are, everything we share. All the distances, are nothing but thin air. Time will bend as I find my way. Once again, the stars are rearranged, and my path has changed.
Bliss 04:44
I’m riding a singularity. The black hole in me invites me in. I’m hiding from probabilities. Inject the entropy to fluctuate. Driving without arriving. Escape velocity: my mind’s free. I’m riding a star-burn. A new turn across the cosmos.
Fractions 05:35
Beyond this is another layer of logic, layer of love. I’m dreaming of decisions that change it all, break these circles and gravity. Spiral out. Beyond these, precious hart beats. Sits a storm. A pure connection to the core. Swim between the fractions of the seconds, that seem to divide us. Swim across the worlds and the thoughts, that seem to contain us. Spiral out.
Innocence 05:05
I’m innocent and pure. Wrap my arms around the moon. I’m innocent and pure. Radiate a light storm. I’m innocent like you. Wrap my arms around you.
Shadow dance 04:23
Duality, the shadow dance. The mirror waltz, like a romance. My hollow heart longs for you, and echoes with love. How can I speak or catch my breath, when I think of you. My eyes seek the depths of you, to find myself. I crown you with a halo of, my own bright light.
Revive 05:48


released March 22, 2010

All tracks written performed and produced by Ali Kesanto.
Tracks 1, 3, 5 and 6 vocals by Elika Mahony.
Tracks 2, 4 and 8 vocals by Kesang Marstrand.
Track 7 vocals by Leeni Wegelius.
Tracks 4 and 7 zither by Leeni Wegelius.


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Electronic music
from hyperspace

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